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Olga Biserova

Exotic Pole DanceSpins & Tricks
Experience:Since 2011

Olga is the owner & main instructor of Scorpions Pole Dance Studios (Center & Imanta) placed in Riga, Latvia. She studied Pole Dance in the UK since 2011. Since 2014 she has been a certified teacher - Pole Fitness (UK). Participated in Charity projects: ECN-Bodywork Charity Pole Showcase 2013 & ECN- Bodywork Charity Pole Showcase 2012.

Participated in «Rumania GOT TALENT» 2019. Pole Dancer in Theatre «Dailes» (since 2015). Co-organizer — Pole Theatre Latvia 2018/

Anete Blaua

Exotic Pole DancePole DanceSpins & TricksStretching
Experience:Since 2015

Anete has studied in Latvia Academy Of Sports, B category trainer, 1. Level Professional education in manager in a field of Sports. She is certified Pole Sport Instructor. Works as a coach about 6 years now.4 years as a Pole Dance coach. This year she performed in Natures Concerthall with a 20 minute Solo in Skrīveri and Līgatne. For several years she leads classes like Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Pole Tricks, Pole Contemporary, Pole Exotic, Strip plastic, Stretching, Stretch & Mobility also lately she works also with new moms. She focuses on technique break downs and physical conditioning.

Titles: Judged Baltic Pole Dance Cup 2019 Finalist — Pole Theatre Hungary 2019 Professional (Drama) category. Finalist — Pole Theatre Latvia 2

Marija Rovska

Exotic Pole Dance
Experience:Since 2015

Marija is the instructor of Exotic Pole Dance for three years. Once, the desire to reveal femininity and plasticity led her to the plastic classes. Marija was teaching plastic (strip plastic) for two years. Dancing in cheerleading group and modern dance classes in the past became a good base for learning pole dance. Marija constantly improves her skills by participating in Workshops of famous pole dancers and modern style dancers. She is most inspired by the growth of her students and by their small achievements in poledancing. She pays special attention to the mood and energy that girls receive from the classes.

Titles: Finalist — Pole Theatre Germany 2018, Classique, Professional. Finalist — Pole Emotion Latvia 2017, Exotic category, Semi-professional.