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Olga Biserova

Exotic Pole DanceSpins & Tricks
Experience:Since 2011

Olga is the owner & main instructor of Scorpions Pole Dance Studios (Center & Imanta) placed in Riga, Latvia. She studied Pole Dance in the UK since 2011. Since 2014 she has been a certified teacher - Pole Fitness (UK). Participated in Charity projects: ECN-Bodywork Charity Pole Showcase 2013 & ECN- Bodywork Charity Pole Showcase 2012.

Participated in «Rumania GOT TALENT» 2019. Pole Dancer in Theatre «Dailes» (2015-2018). Co-organizer — Pole Theatre Latvia 2018/1

Anete Blaua

Exotic Pole DancePole DanceSpins & TricksStretching
Experience:Since 2015

Anete has studied in Latvia Academy Of Sports, B category trainer, 1. Level Professional education in manager in a field of Sports. She is certified Pole Sport Instructor. Works as a coach about 6 years now.4 years as a Pole Dance coach. This year she performed in Natures Concerthall with a 20 minute Solo in Skrīveri and Līgatne. For several years she leads classes like Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Pole Tricks, Pole Contemporary, Pole Exotic, Strip plastic, Stretching, Stretch & Mobility also lately she works also with new moms. She focuses on technique break downs and physical conditioning.

Titles: 1 place — Pole Theatre UK 2022 Professional (Drama) category. Judged Baltic Pole Dance Cup 2019 Finalist — Pole Theatre Hungary 2019 Pr

Darija Ivakina

Spins & Tricks
Experience:Since 2019

Instructor Pole Dance Spins&Tricks. Likes to help people believe in themselves and understand that nothing is impossible.

2 place — Pole Arnold Spain 2022 Professional category. 3 place — International Pinup Competition Poland Semi-Professional category.